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About Binous

"We are team of enthusiastic and experienced software and hardware technologists in partnered with companies and seasoned professional who shares similar passion for technologies. We provide development, customizations and entire care / repair for medical equipment"

Binous Medical equipment is founded by former employee of Intel, Motorola and Applied Micro. They bring decade years of experience in software, semiconductor, sensors and board designing in this field. Our technicians are Educated, Equipped & trained, Empowered, Encouraged By Our Engineers & Experts to be the best for our service program. Our training program certainly bridge gap between academia and industry requirement.

We believe in a culture that fosters innovation and well-being in life, which starts with strong team work. In Binous we extended our network in and outside India, with seasoned professionals, industry experts and designers to achieve our goal to provide professional services in Medical Equipment industry.

Service & Repair

Our in-house and networked service and repair is cost effective fair and fast. To know about our special service & repair offerings.

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We make good offer for used imaging equipment. If you have unneeded equipment, peripherals, or probes, contact us today.

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Design & Development

Binous Medical Equipment is founded by former Intel, Motorola employee worked in field of designing complex medical and computing system and software. supported by seasoned doctors.We believe in a culture that fosters innovation and well-being in life, which starts with strong team work.

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Getting a quote for any service & repair, maintenance, equipment development and customization, consultation on buy and selling. Or second opinion before you gives your equipment for scrap is free and requires no commitment. Call +91-9923095150 to talk to an expert today.

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service and repair

Service & Repair

If you are looking for a cost effective means of servicing and repairing your medical systems without the risk of down time and lost revenue then you are at the right place. We have developed an in-house repair and maintenance department as well as a large network of system specialists located throughout India and in abroad.

  • We offer both on site repair and repair and return services on all systems like probes/transducers, circuit boards, power supplies, VCR’s, multi-format cameras, and printers, syringe pump, monitor.
  • We also provide Medical Field Service is ready to assist for unanticipated equipment failures. The program is available around the clock.
  • We assist our customers by providing a cost effective alternative to manufacturer parts and labor.
    1. 24-hour response time for on-site service
    2. Low hourly rates
    3. Probe Testing – On sitev
    4. In house verification of systems

We offer service contracts to keep your all your equipment in great shape.

Annual contract includes:

  1. Two (2) scheduled preventative maintenance visits annually for duration of contract.
  2. 24 hour response time for local on-site service.
  3. All travel hours and expenses, labor hours and all parts and materials included.
  4. Single and multi-year options are available
  5. Contracts available on most makes and models.
  6. Different levels of service/support options available.

Design & Development

"Our team consist of software and electronics technologists
with decades of experience in design & development"

Medical systems design is known as embedded product design in electronics engineering world.

To design complete product it requires trained talent, tools and equipment, and support services such as hardware and software design, mechanical design, compliance certifications etc.

For most of the medical professional needed equipment to be customized as per there practice and unique requirement.

We provide complete product design Services that can transform medical practitioner's idea into a complete product. This includes System architecture, Prototyping, Validation, Regulatory Certification and Pilot Production.

Design And Development
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